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About me” - a hard thing to do, what should I write here, what would somebody coming to this page be interested in?

Ok, as it was my idea to create this tab, I will do my best to tell you my self marketing story.

Several years ago I booked this URL and payed some money to maintain it. A much too long time there was no proper content on this page. Now, after some better conditions exist even on the countryside in the very south of Germany to connect to the web with more than just modem speed have the chance to publish what I wanted to do already years ago:

some out of my huge amount of paintings, grafics, artifacts, call them as you like, which I have produced since the time I was at school. There have been times with high production rates and several years doing almost nothing.
The fundament of my interest in "doing creative work" was raised by my arts professor at school, which was the "Gymnasium Lindenberg i. Allg.". He himself was an active artist, which even his outfit showed.
Since this early times, I have ideas over ideas, try to work with different material and techniques, which again produce new ideas, sometimes also ideas come out of incidents.
The paintings you can see here are split into two sections the "Old Paintings" with a lot of different approaches, and the "Latest Paintings" which are more or less the ones , with what I can identify my self today.
– also there are some photos from "My OASEN", which are the result of good old times, when I owned a really old camping bus and had to do a lot of welding to keep it together. I worked for "AEG" in Constance, where they have been manufacturing a lot of nice mechanical machines for automation uses and I found a lot of interesting metal pieces  which made me play and compose metal objects by melding different parts. OASEN, is a acronym form the german "Objekte alternativer Schrott-Entsorgung"
– and, caused by the evolution of digital photography, you will find some photos from the last few years. As this is relatively easy to be done this photos substitute the tons of photos, which I have as slides. Their way to the web will maybe never get paved.

Explaining the content this way, hopefully gives you a good overview of my creative path.
You see, I am a kind of an autodidact with start support. I learn from what I do and what I do wrong ( like everybody). I am not a slave of creative works, I am not a "artoholic" like many famous artists have been. So maybe my fate is never to get famous in life - as also a lot of these artoholics, by the way. So I am prepared to receive your feedback for my work, even if I only will get famous posthumously!